p1100824Is your organisation looking for fresh ideas? Could your team benefit from a more intuitive way of working together? Maybe you are just looking for a different and exciting kind of break for you and the people you work with. Either way, Walkinginspirit is an ideal and affordable way to learnn mindfulness and develop the potential of your team.

All the big thinkers from Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs have said that their best ideas came in the same way… they just bubbled up when they were least expecting them. When the conscious mind gets out of the way, all the things you already know have a chance to reassemble themselves in entirely new and novel ways and produce solutions you literally never thought of.

The Walkinginspirit ideas and team building retreat gives your organisation the opportunity to expose your people to the conditions in which ideas can flow at the same time as learning to work intuitively together as a team.

The event is also an opportunity to really relax and experience Western Europe’s most pristine natural wilderness, track bears and wolves through stunning forests and mountains, and enjoy the food and drink of the region.

Based around four mindful walks, set up to meet your needs with process and development groups guided and facilitated by your host Frankie Sikes.

Maximum of eight persons.

Price: £950 per person.


0044 (0)20 7183 0797 – 0044 (0)79 6989 5834 for more information.

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