Motivational Interviewing – Preparing and Supporting people to make Decisions and Achieve Change

What is Motivational Interviewing? Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based approach that helps people redirect the energy expressed as resistance, into the kind of motivation that helps them to make positive decisions and changes. From the point of view of the interviewer it’s about having conversations with people in a way that makes it more likely that they will take up your offer, from the point of view of the interviewee it helps them to resolve the conflicted feelings they have about change.

Who is the training for? The training is designed for anyone who supports others in making positive changes and decisions and/or who has an offer that they want to people to take up.

How is the training run? Through a mixture of theory and practical activities, you will learn skills, attitudes and techniques that help people achieve their goals. Motivational Interviewing is a directive yet person-centred approach that guides people to make positive changes through exploring and resolving the ambivalence they are experiencing that may cause them to be resistant to change.

Learn how to:

  • Help people become more aware of the dilemmas they face.
  • Help people release secondary gains
  • Help people overcome obstacles to change
  • Help people to build towards and away from motivation
  • Recognise, explore and respond to client dilemmas and ambivalence
  • Help people to channel their energies in a direction that benefits them.

I am a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, (MINT). Please click on the logo below to link to my membership profile.


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